Mystic Pam Jackson

Spiritual Coach -Master energy healer

Medical Intuitive - Akashic Records Intuitive

Spiritual Coaching

Pam can help you navigate through your spiritual journey and though any emotional wounds that has you stuck in a cycle of self-sabotage. She is able to see through the many layers of our souls journey that has created blocks for a positive outcome in our lives and by releasing, and clearing these old patterns, programs and beliefs we can begin to see and accept the amazing life we are divinely destined to live.
She can help you create your most amazing life!

Medical Intuitive Readings

Pam can gain insights into your emotional body, your energy matrix from anywhere in the world. She believes just by putting light on a problem healing can begin at that moment and with her clearing and healing sessions you will feel more optimist, lighter, and clearer with guidance and goals.
Her clients are amazed of the amount of information that comes through in their intuitive readings with her!

Master energy healer

Pam has the ability to see and release old stuck feelings and emotions like anger, resentments, fear, guilt, shame and other low vibrational energies that has you stuck in self-sabotaging behaviors and cycles of pain, suffering and struggle. 
She is always connected to God, the Creator of all that is and she is attuned to the many masters of the Akashic Records. 



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Stories from the Akashic Records

Spiritual Coaching


I have taken several workshops and classes with Pam and it has literally changed my life for the better! She is a fantastic teacher and mentor! I can not recommend her enough!!!  The life I lead now is a true heaven on Earth! Thank you Pam for all that you do!    ~Nicole Lasswell

I have worked with Pam for two years now, as a client and being trained as a Theta healer. I have also taken her workshop on the Akashic Records. It opened doors to places where I have been stuck for years. I will be eternally grateful. Pam does extraordinary work. It has been an honor to edit her book. I look forward to being one of her first students in the Akashic Records Mystery School!                       ~ Gretchen Martens 

Pam is one of the most down to earth, grounded and gifted healers that I know. She walks her talk and brings a level of authenticity and relatability that makes each session an enjoyable, engaging experience that never fails to gift me with deep insights and healing. I highly recommend Pam Jackson! ~Joanne Thompson

Stories from the Akashic Records


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