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Pam Jackson is a Professional Intuitive. She can tune into your Emotional Body which can reveal your current state of wellness and validate unresolved thoughts, feelings and emotions that are effecting your current state of physical and emotional wellness. She also has the ability to facilitate healing of these energetic imbalances to create emotional, spiritual and physical healing. 

She can gather this information about you and those that you love remotely, regardless of your physical proximity to her. Her skills help her in assisting you on your journey so that you can heal your pain, your wounds without reliving the trauma. This special intuitive technique allows her to help you quickly. Most of her clients see positive results after the first session. 

Pam offers: 

  •  Medical Intuitive Readings
  •  Private One on One Spiritual Healing Sessions 
  •  Live Seminars and Events in the Alternative Healing Arts 
  •  Programs Aligned with Your Spiritual Journey

Pam honors free-will and self-work and the hard work that it takes.


Pam is a Medical Intuitive, Spiritual Life Coach and a Master Energy Healer of the Quantum Physics and Metaphysics with more than 20 years experience.


Your session is focused based and on your individual goals. Sessions may include Belief Work, Clearings, Divine Downloads, Energy Body Work, and Spiritual Coaching.


Pam's clients feel more optimistic, hopeful and many feel physically lighter immediately after working with her. 

Success is a Happy Customer!

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Many of Pam's clients find her because they are stuck in life, stuck in their jobs or feel stuck in a cycle that is not producing the life they want or desire.

Margrett's story: Margrett was stuck in life, her money was steady going out it was becoming a problem. She was independent, an intellect with many professional ties and connections but she could not seem to merge her skills and her natural gifts to create her most amazing life. Less than a year later of working with Pam she put her personal belongings in storage, went overseas, and is currently traveling around while making money to support her travels and her savings is now safe.

Kevin's story: Kevin came to Pam when he  struggled with jobs and opportunities, although he had the college degrees and experience he still struggled finding a job, staying on a job and opportunities never seemed to pan out for him. After he signed up for a program for his success he now has a job that he has been on for awhile and that he still loves.

Judy's story: Judy called Pam because she went to a spiritual event and was retraumatized by the experience. She wasn't able to function and her emotions where out of control. Pam helped her gain control of her feelings and regain balance and perspective in her healing journey. She still comes in whenever life gets out of balance or if she wants to resolve a belief or a pattern in her life.

Pam has hundreds of stories just like these and she knows that you will also be amazed at the level she is able to intuitively tune into you and your life journey and then offer help and guidance.  She will open your mind to new ideas to create abundance, balance, love and inner peace.

What happens when you eliminate Energy blocks to the Law of


You can Manifest Your divine life
you can Heal your relationships
you become a beacon of inspiration for others
you will discover your full potential



I have taken Access Bars; and Thetahealing Basic, Advanced, Dig Deeper and You and the Creator with Pam and it has literally CHANGED my life for the absolute better! She is fantastic teacher! I can't recommend her enough!!! The life I lead now is a true heaven on Earth! 

Nicole L

Pam is one of the most down to earth, grounded, gifted healers that I know. She walks her talk and brings to the table a level of authenticity and relatability that makes each session an enjoyable, engaging experience that never fails to gift me deep insights and healing. I highly recommend Pam Jackson and Integrated Energy Works.

Joanne T

Pam is great! She has really helped me! I have tried to work through some things through other sources and have not succeeded. I finally feel through Pam that there is hope. I've only had 2 sessions so far and I feel a difference. I will continue and am looking forward to more healing and growth.

Tracey B

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