Access Bars® schedule

Access bars is the creation of Gary Douglas and co-creator Dr. Dain Heer. Access consciousness brings us many valuable and useful tools to navigate this crazy world we live in, especially those who are highly sensitive. Those are the  tools which brought Pam to access and then she would discover even more through all the bars and body processes she has attended and been trained in as a facilitator of Access Bars® . 

What future can you make with the choice you make today? 

Are you open to the possibilities? Access offers so many amazing and wonderful tools for consciousness and living in expanded consciousness. You can attend for you and your family benefit and you will also become a certified Bars practitioner after attending this full day seminar. 

Access Bars Certification Course

July 6, 2019
Check in begins at 9:30

First time? Fee $350 due at time of check in. 
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