manifest more joy in

your life!

Taking an Access Consciousness Bars® workshop will open you up to the possibilities for more ease, grace and happiness in your life. 

You will learn to follow the energy of wealth and wellness. In this 1-day workshop you will gain valuable tools that you can take home with you and immediately apply to your daily life. You can help your loved ones feel calmer, less stress and more expansive than ever before. 

If you are a healer or wanting to be a healer this is a great class to attend. You gain teachings in the Law of Attraction through the insight and tools for Access. You will gain tremendous support from the organization to start or grow your own practice. You will become a practitioner after 1-class and if you choose you can become a facilitator of Bars after 3-classes. If you decided this is a road of healing for you there are opportunities here and all over the world to learn, share and grow your business. 

Receiving a Bars® session you gain more openness and more calmness in your mind and spirit. Having your bars ran is known to help with that famous monkey mind and it also helps people with ongoing patterns that interferes with functioning and development. 

I offer Bars sessions at my office in Carrollton by appointment. 

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