EFT, Tapping

I Love EFT 
and I always will! I would love to help you learn tapping and how to apply it to your life. 

It has helped me with anger, guilt, shame, and even integrating of my soul self where I feel whole and complete. 

I learned how to tap in a life I wanted along with the feelings I wanted to have and experience. 

It is so easy and life changing if you use it and apply it to your life. 

Mystic Pam Jackson

EFT was brought to us by Gary Craig around 1995 and since has grown around the world as we look for alternative ways to deal with our emotional destress, stress and emotional and physical pain. 

EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique has totally changed Pam's life! 

Pamela became associated with Guild of Energist after years of her work with EFT in her private practice. She found Silvia Hartmann's teaching complete, educational and decided to join her organization and became a EFT Master Practitioner, Instructor along with an EmoTrance Master Practitioner, Instructor and then she became a Positive EFT Practitioner, Instructor when Silvia came to the US and to Texas. Pam stepped away from teaching these modalities in 2017 but she continues with her private practice in the USA and my association the Guild of Energist in Europe. 

She was actually looking for the fastest and easiest way to release emotional stress! 

Pam has held hundreds of meetups and support groups using the EFT tapping technique and learned many things that work and even discovered what doesn't work using applying the EFT tapping technique. 

EFT works great with emotional and physical stress!

Pam has discovered that EFT worked when she was dealing with strong feelings of betrayal from the people she loved and trusted. She was looking for healing. It worked! She got over my hurt feelings, she got over being out of control emotional and she got my emotions under control. Then she saw people heal from fears and phobias! 

Pam also figured out if you used tapping to remain calm why couldn't you use tapping to tap in her daily madras and affirmations? Yes, it worked and it worked very well. She tapped her way from an entry level position to the executive sales manager over that same department in her corporate job. She tapped on the way to work and on the way home, every single day and it worked!

Pamela still teaches people how to use and apply EFT in their personal lives and how it can help them move through emotional and physical pain. 

Contact Pamela Jackson to schedule your free consultation to see if an EFT, tapping session is right for you either by phone, skype or in person. 

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