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making dreams a reality!

Feeling lost, not sure how to co-create an amazing life with your psychic skills, or how to enhance your psychic gifts?

You know your a healer but you haven't found that connection, that feeling and knowing of working with a creator, source energy to help and heal yourself and those that you love!

Would you like to know how to have courage, wisdom, kindness and unconditional love in your life and that you deserve that on every level of your being?

When you become a theta healer and you will learn how to do healings and readings. You will learn the simple to follow meditation to the Creator of that is, Source and learn about the 7 planes of existence. You will learn about belief work and where beliefs are stored. We will teach you a digging process to help you release those limiting beliefs that you want to change. 

In this 3-day certification workshop, you will learnhow to shift negative patterns, release limiting beliefs and negative self-talk so that you can attract and create anything you want into your life with a simple, easy to follow a process called Thetahealing.

Once you have completed the Thetahealing BasicDNA you will become a certified practitioner of Thetahealing. If you decided that the thetahealing program is right for you please reserve your spot today. 

Registration ends Aug. 15, 2019

follow the energy of joy!

Feeling Stuck, not sure what to do next and nothing is working out? Life is such a struggle and you do not understand why because you are applying the law of attraction? 

You can shift all that and more to attract more wealth, health and happiness in your life with a simple, easy to follow process called Access Bars. In attending this 1-day workshop you will learn how to follow the energy and how to ask questions from the universe to get more happiness in your life as you apply the principles to your life. 

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