USUI Reiki

 Reiki has opened many amazing doors for me on your spiritual path.

I started meditating and applying the Reiki principles to my life and things began to change, I changed. My life got better and so did I. 


Reiki is a natural healing technique that is safe for everyone to receive. Reiki has been practiced in the United States since 1938 and there has not been one reported case that reiki caused any harm.

When the student is ready the teacher will appear!

That is exactly how reiki came in the life of Pamela. She had hit bottom, lost so much and she turned to God and asked for answers and for inner peace. It seemed within days a new business opened up offering reiki classes in her neighborhood. She knew it was a sign from above and didn't hesitate to take the classes offered and she learned so much in those 12 weeks  of study. She knew very early in her spiritual journey that she wanted to teach and offer reiki healing to others. 

Healer Heal Thy Self...

Reiki classes offer attunements that represents a level of healing for the mind, body and spirit. Usui Reiki Level 1 attunes you to the symbol or Cho-Ku-Rei for physical healing and activates your healing hands. Level 2 attunes you to the symbol of Sei-Hei-Ki for emotional healing and teaches you distant healing and raises your psychic intuitive abilities. The 3rd levels attunes you to the symbol of Dai Ko Myo and prepares you to learn the attunement process. 

Reiki sessions are known to help you relax and some even drift off to sleep. Reiki will balance your chakras and meridians which helps you feel more balanced and focused in life. Reiki helps with Stress!  A reiki session with a Reiki Master can help you connect to your higher self, your spirit guides and the angelic realm. A reiki session may involve crystals, sound healing, tuning forks and quartz crystal singing bowls. 

Why Pamela teaches and offers Reiki. Pam realized she was given a special gift with the birth of her 4th child, a child that was in a lot of pain and needed intervention. She would soon discover whenever she was around her child  that her hands would light up and feel like fire and when she placed them on her child he calmed and eventually her hands would cooled. Then as time went by she would find that her hands would heat up around certain people at certain times in their lives and when she touched them they felt the warm and start feeling better and then her hands would cool again. This started in 2004 and she discovered Reiki in 2011 and that is when things really started to become clear. Her purpose came to life and she started up her private practice and she started servicing the community again. Oh and yes her son was healed and her hands still heat up!

If you are interested in reiki and reiki calls to you, Pamela would be honored if you would schedule a free consultation so she can discuss the possibilities as your begin your own spiritual journey of healing and as a healer. 


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