create your divine life!

Thetahealing can open the door to the answers that you seek! A sense of peacefulness and calmness as you become more balanced and centered into your new way of life.

What is required of you? A wiliness to work on yourself and a belief in a creator, Source, Spirit, God, the creator of all that is, depending on your personal, religion or spiritual beliefs. Thetahealing is not a religion.

What can Thetahealing do for me?

  • You will gain a greater feeling of well-being and overall improvement in your health. 
  •  Release anger, resentments, fears and phobias. 
  •  Develop harmonious and healthy relationships.
  •  Manifest your dreams, create wealth and abundance. 
  •  Develop you spiritual gifts and psychic abilities.
  •  Deepen your connection to the creator of all that is, God. 
  •  Find your ideal divine soul mate, life partner. 

Thetahealing® empowers you to create and choose the life you want with ease and grace.

  •  Your heart will open up and you will feel more connected and loved by the creator, by life. 
  •  Kindness, courage, wisdom and gratitude will grow in your lifel increasing your abilities to connect, to manifest and to achieve wellness of the mind, body and spirit. 

Create your most divine life with Thetahealing!

our current thetahealing® schedule

September 20-22 (Fri-Sun) Thetahealing Advanced DNA

October 18-20 (Fri-Sun)  Thetahealing Basic DNA

November 22-23 (Fri-Sat) Thetahealing Dig Deeper

November 25-26 (Mon-Tue) Thetahealing You & God

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