The Akashic Records

While working in the Akashic Records you can discover your gifts and receive spiritual support, you can also explore...

  • Resolving Karma and Past Lives

  • Clearing Vows, Oaths and Contracts

  • Connect to Your Souls Journey, Your Purpose

  • Discover you Akashic Imprint, Spiritual Identity

  • The Hall of Records, The Hall of Learning & The Hall of Wisdom

  • The Akashic Invention and The Spark of Creativity

  • Find Meaning in your Relationships

  • Receive Guidance from Above

  • Dive into Group Consciousness, Collective Karma

  • Learn who your Guides and Council are and what they can do to help you in this lifetime. 

Discover stories of other times and experiences that your soul has been through. Virtues and lessons are abundant in the Akashic Records and as you resolve those past life stories you can bring in what has already been learned and mastered in any other lifetime.