Pam's Area of Expertise

Spiritual Coaching & Healing Sessions.

Pam dives into the Subconscious Beliefs of the Wounded Inner Child to help you Stop Self-Sabotaging Beliefs and Patterns. 

When your inner child begins to heal and grow you may notice that you are no longer triggered as before and you discover self-care and self-love. You will discover that you can live your life free of pain, struggles and hardships. 

  • Resolve Anger and Resentments
  • Heal Guilt and Shame
  • Discover Timeline Healing
  • Heal the Parent Wound
  • Release Unworthiness 
  • Heal Unsupported and Unloved Feelings
  • Release Limiting Beliefs and Patterns
  • Heal Trust and Abandonment Issues
  • Stop Self-Sabotage Behaviors and Patterns

You will feel more mature or grown up and can handle what life throws at you. You will learn to love yourself on a deep emotional level. When you love yourself you become very clear, confident and strong. You take better care of yourself and your life grows. 

Thetahealing® Certification Classes and Sessions

  • Learn the Thetahealing Meditation Technique
  • Discover the Seven Planes of Existence
  • Learn how to Find, Clear and Replace Limiting Subconscious Beliefs
  • Learn how to do Muscle Testing,  Intuitive Scans and Remote Viewing
  • Learn how to do Intuitive Readings and Angel Readings
  • Learn how to Manifest and Create Your Divine Life
  • Discover the best ways to find and be with your Soul Mate
  • Gain Skills and Tools to Start or Add to your Spiritual Practice
  • Heal Your Mind, Body and Spirit
When you have a thetahealing session it will be guided by the Creator and your goals/intent. Pam jumps right in and starts scanning you and your energetic body looking for the reason for your pain and hardships and with your permission and guidance she will help shift and transform your topic with ease and grace. Your session may include downloads, healings by the Creator and muscle testing for belief work. 

You will gain:

  • Confidence in your gifts from God
  • Courage to move into your Divine Timing
  • Release Fears and Phobias
  • Stop Self-Sabotaging Patterns 
  • Heal Anger, Resentments and Regrets
  • Receive New Feelings, Hope and Possibilities
  • Heal your emotions, heal your body and heal your life
When Pam discovered thetahealing at a group event, her soul smiled for the first time. She knew this was what she had been looking for all of her life so she found a practitioner/instructor and scheduled a session. In that session her bipolar was healed and her life changed forever! 

Through this program she has healed her anger and resentments from her wound that was created when she was 15-17 years old. She has healed her chronic kidney stone disease and her self-sabotaging beliefs around money and worthiness and so much more. 

Pam now has this amazing connection to God, the Divine, Creator, Source and she learned to easily and effortlessly create her Divine Life and so can you!

Akashic Records Teachings and Readings

While working in the Akashic Records you can discover your gifts and receive spiritual support, you can also explore...

  • Resolving Karma and Past Lives
  • Clearing Vows, Oaths and Contracts
  • Connect to Your Souls Journey, Your Purpose
  • Discover you Akashic Imprint, Spiritual Identity
  • The Hall of Records, The Hall of Learning & The Hall of Wisdom
  • The Akashic Invention and The Spark of Creativity
  • Find Meaning in your Relationships
  • Receive Guidance from Above
  • Dive into Group Consciousness, Collective Karma
  • Learn who your Guides and Council are and what they can do to help you in this lifetime. 
Discover stories of other times and experiences that your soul has been through. Virtues and lessons are abundant in the Akashic Records and as you resolve those past life stories you can bring in what has already been learned and mastered in any other lifetime. 

Spiritual EFT 

  • Restore Emotional Balance 
  • Anger, Resentments and Fear
  • PTSD of all kinds (She is a Survivor & EFT healed her PTSD)
  • Physical Pain 
  • Release Guilt and Shame
  • Manage Symptoms for Anxiety and Depression
  • Insomnia and the Calming the Overactive Mind
  • Promote a Deeper Mind Body Connection
  • Stop addictions of all kinds (She no longer eats Doritos!)
  • Gain tools for your Spiritual Tool Box
Access Consciousness® Bars®

  • Get your Bars Ran and Shift your Reality
  • Learn to Ask Questions to Create an Amazing Life and Change
  • Less Stress, Less Worry and Less Anxiety
  • Become Happier
  • Calm your Mind and Stop the Monkey Mind 
  • Gain Clarity
  • Start a Healing Business
  • Helps with ADD, ADHD, OCD and Autism
Whenever Pam starts to over analyze or worry about her business, her family or finances she knows it is time to get those Bars ran! 

Reiki Classes and Lessons

  • Learn Self-Healing
  • Learn Hands on Healing
  • Learn Distant Healing
  • Grow your Spiritual Gifts
  • Discover Inner Peace
  • Grow your Meditation Practice
  • Start a Healing Practice
When Pam prayed and asked the God for healing and peace no matter what it looked like; that is when doors opened and she decided to step through them and leave the past behind. Reiki has been a journey and has brought her many opportunities for healing and growth in her life. She discovered Inner Peace!

In her book, Stories from the Akashic Records, Pam  will share some of the stories from the Akashic Records. 
These stories are about her journey and some of her clients as we gain wisdom, knowledge and healing in the Akashic Records.  

You can easily order your copy here! 




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