Spiritual Coaching Sessions

Not sure where to begin? Pam can help you with that. Bring your topic, your story or what you are stuck on and she will help you transform that in one session. You do not need to know about any specific programs or tools of self healing because she will teach you as she works with you to transform your topic. In a spiritual coaching session she brings everything to the table to help you become the best you can be by helping you transform limiting beliefs, patterns and programs that has you stuck.  

Pam dives into the Subconscious mind to find Limiting Beliefs of the Wounded Inner Child to help you Stop Self-Sabotaging Behaviors and Patterns. When your inner child begins to heal and grow so does the mind, body and spirit. You may notice that you are no longer triggered as before as you discover self-care and self-love. You will discover that you can live your life free of pain, struggles and hardships. 

    • Resolve Anger and Resentments

    • Heal Guilt and Shame

    • Discover Timeline Healing

    • Heal the Parent Wound

    • Release Unworthiness 

    • Heal Unsupported and Unloved Feelings of Emotional Neglect. 

    • Release Limiting Beliefs and Patterns

    • Heal Trust and Abandonment Issues

    • Stop Self-Sabotage Behaviors and Patterns

        You will feel stronger, confident and able to take on what life throws at you. You will learn to love yourself. When you love and forgive yourself you become very clear, confident and strong. You take better care of yourself and your life grows easier as you become the best version of yourself. 

        I look forward to our conversations and consultations.