Healing Arts Education


Professional Hypnotherapist 2000

Professional Life Coach 2011

Law of Attraction Coach 2012

Spiritual Life Coach 2012

EFT Practitioner 2000

Master EFT Practitioner 2013 

EFT Instructor 2013

Positive EFT Instructor 2013

EmoTrance Practitioner 2013

Emotrance Advanced Instructor 2013

Access Consciousness Bars 2017

Access Foundation 2018


Tibetan Reiki Master 2011

USUI Reiki Master Instructor 2012

Ordained with Universal Life Church 2012

Diligent of Light 2013

Holographic Sound Healing 2015

Akashic Records Readings 2012

Angel Readings 2015

Medical Intuitive Readings 2015


Thetahealing Practitioner:

Basic DNA 2012

Advanced DNA 2012

Rhythm to the Perfect Weight 2013

Soul Mate 2013

Intuitive Anatomy 2015

Manifesting & Abundance 2017

Dig Deeper 2017

Planes of Existence 1 2017

Game of Life 2018

Disease & Disorders 2018

You and Earth 2019

You and Your Inner Circle 2019

World Relations 2020

DNA3 2022

Thetahealing Instructor:

Basic DNA 2017

Advanced DNA 2017

Rhythm to the Perfect Weight 2017

Dig Deeper 2017

Manifesting & Abundance 2017

You & the Creator 2018

You & Your Significant Other 2018

You & Your Inner Circle 2021

Basic Online Instructor 2020

Advanced Online Instructor 2020

Dig Deeper Online Instructor 2020

Manifesting & Abundance Online Instructor 2020

You & the Creator Online Instructor 2021

Pamela Jackson is a certified, trained professional who knows which of any of these programs would benefit you and help you transform your life. She has mastered and taught many of these programs to others who were ready to learn, heal and grow. You do not need to know any of these programs to be able to benefit from them because she has already done the work for you. Schedule Your Free Consultation to Discover More!