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about Pam

Not sure where to begin?

Pam can assist you with this. Bring your topic, your story, or whatever is bothering you, and she will help you transform it in one session. If you decide you want to work with her more frequently, she offers Discount Plans. You do not need to be familiar with any particular program or self-healing tools because she will teach you as she works with you to transform your limiting beliefs and negative patterns. She brings everything to the table in a spiritual coaching session to help you transform your limiting patterns and programs, including self-sabotage.

Resolve anger and resentments. 

Heal guilt and shame. 

Discover Time Line Healing. 

Heal unsupported and unloved feelings of emotional neglect. 

Release limiting beliefs and patters.

Heal trust and abandonment issues. 

Heal emotional trauma and over sensitivity and so much more....

Pam offers sessions and events for both healers and non-healers; she is ready to meet you exactly where you are and assist you in getting to where you want to be! More information is available on this website, which also provides amazing workbooks, eBooks, webinars, blogs and YouTube videos for your continued success and happiness.


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