"Stories from the Akashic Records"

"Stories from the Akashic Records"

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Stories from theAkashic Records


I am attracted to the Akashic Records for many reasons. Most important, I have always been curios about people. My work as a healer has been inspired by the stories of others. It is one of my greatest blessings to work to help others heal and live full, meaningful lives.


Second, I was gifted with a natural curiosity about history and historical events. I study genealogy and DNA research, building my knowledge about how we are influenced by our past. By reviewing our Akashic Records, I get a glimpse into the past and events that may have occurred at some point in a soul's evolution.


I actually see history!


I have been taken to Ancient Indian lands and back to the times of Vikings and Pirates. I have journeyed to the Roman Empire and discovered memories that go back to the Dark Ages. I have reincarnated to four continents and many countries, including Germany, Russia and Italy.


Through my readings in the Akashic Records, I journey around the world through the passageways of history. Where you and I land in this life may be a reflection of our past lives, placing us in the same location or having us relive the same situations and circumstances in our past.


My invitation to you is to explore this important part of your energetic, spiritual life. Learn who you really are and free yourself from events in the past that hold you back.


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