Reiki attunements can help you become a healer for yourself and for those that you love and care about. 

USUI Reiki Courses

Reiki Level 1 is self-healing and learning the structure of hands on & hands off healing for you and your loved ones.

Reiki Level 2 is for those who are ready to become a practitioner of energy healing. You receive 2 new attunements and instructions on moving forward into your journey as a modern healer.

Reiki Level 3 are for those who are on the journey of mastering reiki. You will receive 2 new attunements and instructions on becoming a Reiki Master. 

Reiki Teacher Level is the level for those who inspire to teach other Reiki. 

Munay-ki  rites of passage

These attunements are for those interesting in expanding and growing their healing practice. 

There are 9 rites of passage that is sacred passed down from teacher to student over a span of time.  

Munay-ki attunements are to help you raise your vibration,  Munay-ki means  Love! Become a Master and Create Your Healing Business!


I have taken several workshops and classes with Pam and it has literally changed my life for the better! She is a fantastic teacher and mentor! I can not recommend her enough!!!  The life I lead now is a true heaven on Earth! Thank you Pam for all that you do! ~Nicole Lasswell

Pam is one of the most down to earth, grounded and gifted healers that I know. She walks her talk and brings a level of authenticity and relate-ability that makes each session an enjoyable, engaging experience that never fails to gift me with deep insights and healing. I highly recommend Pam Jackson! ~ Joanne Thompson


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