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Energy healing!

Life a struggle and you don't know why? Reiki Energy Healing is known to help heal your life as you step into the principles of Reiki. 

Our students have learned to apply the lessons to their daily life and as they have their lives began to shift but most of all

        ...they gained inner peace and emotional balance. 

You may notice that you feel calmer and less likely to anger quickly. You will also notice that you will worry less as each day passes. You will become aware of your energy and the energy of others and may notice when someone needs healing. 

Reiki is the door way to healing your wounds and creating a life of peace and calm. Pam's students learn to the follow the energy and how to change their lives to a place of ease and joy and you can learn this simple process in our 1-day workshop. 

Mystic Pam Jackson is a Usui Reiki Master who offers sessions and workshops at her office in Carrollton. 

There are 3 levels of reiki energy attunements. 

  1. Reiki level 1 activates your healing hands as it raises your vibration, heals the physical as you begin the process of self-healing. 
  2. Reiki level 2 heals the emotional and teaches you to focus your intent to send reiki, and it raises your vibration to next level as you become a practitioner of reiki. 
  3. Reiki level 3 you begin to master the reiki symbols and reiki, and be able to transfer attunements to others.

our Clients Testimonials 

Pam, I just wanted to let you know that I am so grateful that I took my Thetahealing courses with you. I learned so much in a short time. 

You are a great mentor!

Lucy, the pregnant horse had a swelling reaction to a hormone sort and I gae her ahealing going to source first asking for thr healing then placed my hands in the area. In just a few minutes the sewlling was down by half. I was so releaved and happy to implement Theta and see it work. 

Thank you so much!

Alicia H
I have been working on myself for years now, through yoga, reiki and meditation. I am so pleased that through this journey of self realization I found Pam Jackson. Nothing compares to the work she has been able to do with me. 

I have taken Access Bars and Thetahealing Basic, Advanced, Dig Deeper and You and the Creator with her and it has literally CHANGED my life for the absolute better!

She is fantastic teacher! I can't recommend her enough!!! The life I lead now is a true heaven on Earth! 

Nicole L


Create your divine life!

Feeling lost, not sure how to co-create an amazing life with your psychic skills, or how to enhance your psychic gifts?

Do you want to heal yourself and those that you love?

Would you like to know how to have courage, wisdom, kindness and unconditional love in your life and that you deserve that on every level of your being?

When you take a thetahealing course you will learn

  • how to do healings and readings
  • the simple to follow meditation to the Creator of that is
  • the 7 planes of existence
  • belief work and where beliefs are stored
  • a digging process to help you release those limiting beliefs that you want to change to create your most amazing life. 

Want to find out more about thetahealing, and my additional thetahealing certification courses go to: 

Need guidance on classes, and class structure? Schedule a Free Consultation to discover classes and programs that are available. 

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