Spiritual Healing

Pam has an intuitive awareness, an inner guidance that is based on her natural instincts and natural abilities. She has discovered many wonderful and useful programs that can assist us in healing our unresolved childhood trauma.

She has much to offer others when they are ready and open; she can help you go through transitions and transformations with the wisdom and the love of the Creator.  Her insights can help emotionally wounded people find clarity, stability and objectivity through their healing journey.

Working with Pam, you can rely on her professionalism and intuitive skills to help you end self-sabotaging beliefs that will help you stop limiting programs and patterns that was created from your wounded inner child.

And, when you work with her you will join many other happy and satisfied customers from all over the world that have been amazed at their own transformation in many areas of their lives. 

Wherever you are, let Pam show you a simple and easy way to help you transform childhood trauma, limiting beliefs and destructive programs that will change devastating life patterns and struggles that has you stuck in a never-ending cycle of anger and self-sabotage.

When it comes to customer satisfaction...You won't find a more Professional Spiritual Coach-Healer-Teacher than with Pam Jackson. Having a session with her is an amazing experience that is an eye-opening with surprising and long-lasting results.


Alternative Healing Arts


Tibetan Reiki Master 2011

USUI Reiki Master Instructor 2012

Ordained with Universal Life Church 2012

Diligent of Light 2013

Holographic Sound Healing 2015

Akashic Records Readings 2012

Angel Readings 2015

Medical Intuitive Readings 2015


Professional Hypnotherapist 2000

Professional Life Coach 2011

Law of Attraction Coach 2012

Spiritual Life Coach 2012

EFT Practitioner 2000

EFT Instructor 2013

Master EFT Practitioner 2013 

Positive EFT Instructor 2013

EmoTrance Practitioner 2013

Emotrance Advanced Instructor 2013

Access Consciousness Bars 2017

Access Foundation 2018


Thetahealing Instructor:

Basic DNA 2017

Advanced DNA 2017

Rhythm to the Perfect Weight 2017

Dig Deeper 2017

Manifesting & Abundance 2017

You & the Creator 2018

You & Your Significant Other 2018

Basic Online Instructor 2020

Advanced Online Instructor 2020

Dig Deeper Online Instructor 2020

Manifesting & Abundance Online Instructor 2020

Thetahealing Practitioner:

Basic DNA 2012

Advanced DNA 2012

Rhythm to the Perfect Weight 2013

Soul Mate 2013

Intuitive Anatomy 2015

Manifesting & Abundance 2017

Dig Deeper 2017

Planes of Existence 1 2017

Game of Life 2018

Disease & Disorders 2018

You and Earth 2019

You and Your Inner Circle 2019

World Relations 2020


Mystic Pam Jackson

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