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Tapping is a transformation tool that is so easy and simple to use. Pam believes in it so strongly she highly suggest that her clients learn this amazing tools that will assist them in all areas of your life. She has used, applied and taught EFT Tapping since 2000.


EFT-Tapping Can Help


Public Speaking

Test Anxiety




Physical Pain

Emotional Pain

Release Triggers

and so much more


EFT Tapping

Heart Centered

Pam has used EFT-Tapping since 2000. She has studied, used, applied and taught certification courses in EFT for many years. She enjoys using the heart centered technique but you can always ask to use the karate chop for your own session. 

Pam believes that tapping has helped her heal many of her own lower and ofter over whelming negative feeling and emotions. She feels it helped her transform those wounded aspects and fragments so they could come back together to help her feel whole and complete. 

Tapping gave her courage to become successful in the corporate world, helped her with public speaking and grow and feel more confident in her day to day life. 


Pam Used Tapping

Pam used tapping successful in many areas of her life. Her favorite place to tap is in her car and she will tap on her way to a public events, and walk in with confidence. She even used tapping to help her become successful in her corporate career, and in upper management. She has used tapping to overcome strong emotions such as fear, anger, guilt, and sadness. She learned to function as a whole and complete woman and release the traumas of both physical and emotional abuse. 

Pam has mastered EFT-Tappping Skills and has taught many others these tools and skill sets to apply to their every day lives. She currently offers coaching sessions for those that are interested in learning how you too can use tapping in your day to day life. Transform your life with Tapping!