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I have worked with Pam for two years now, as a client and being trained as a Theta healer. I have also taken her workshop on the Akashic Records. It opened up doors to places where I have been stuck for years. I will be eternally grateful. Pam does extraordinary work. It has been an honor to edit her book. I look forward to being one of her first students in the Akashic Records Mystery School!

 Gretchen Martens

I had a wonderful time with Mystic Pam. She is the real deal and I felt so comfortable speaking with her the entire time. I waited to write my review to make sure it wasn't just a moment. I feel much better emotionally and spiritually. I was a mess when I went to see her. She connected with my mom and worked on my past issues. I will return.

Tina Perez

Pam is for real, very gifted and talented. I'm glad that I am able to benefit from all of her own personal work and the many healing modalities she has mastered.

Claudia Brewer

Pam is amazing! I think I have found one of my earthly guardian angels. Her guidance and support is spot on and my experience with her was truly life changing. I highly recommend her!

Jen Seregos

Pamela is great! She has really helped me! I have tried to work through some tings through other sources and have not succeeded. I finally feel through Pamela that there is hope. I've only had 2 sessions so far and I feel a difference. I will continue and am looking forward to more healing and growth.

Tracey Broden

 I love the energy in this place and how accurate Pam is with her readings! She doesn't sugar coat it and tell you what you want to hear, shes real and honest!! I wish I could visit her daily cause lord knows I need more people like Pam in my life. Thank you so much for all that you do. 

Kimm G

Pam is one of the most down to earth, grounded and gifted healers that I know. She walks her talk and brings to the able a level of authenticity and relatability that makes each session an enjoyable, engaging experience that never fails to gift me deep insights and healing. I highly recommend Pam Jackson and Integrated Energy Works.

Joanne Thompson

I am very please with the work performed by Pamela.  She is very knowledgeable and has great work ethics.  I was feeling completely relaxed and safe when she was performing Theta healing on me.  Thanks Pam for your help and loving care!

Marisol G

Pam has been so helpful!  I've had several sessions with her.  She has helped me tremendously!  I would highly recommend her and her expertise!

Tracey B

I've worked with Pam twice now and both times she was just amazing. Right to the heart of the matter. I've consulted with many in this field before and she is definitely on of the very best! I plan on working with her from now on.

Laurie W.

Pam, I just wanted to let you know I am so grateful that I took Thetahealing classes with you. I learned so much in a short time. You are a great mentor! Lucy the pregnant horse had a swelling reaction to a hormone shot and I gave her a healing going to source first asking for the healing then placed my hands on the area. In just a few minutes the swelling was down by half. I was so relieved and happy to implement Theta and see it work. Thank you so much. My husband and friends really enjoyed learning and experiencing Thetahealing.

Alicia H.

Hi Pam, this is Renee from yesterday and I just wanted to touch base with you and I don't really know how to explain this to you or what happened when you worked with me. Because you see I have gone to many doctors and many healers for this problem I have had for years but today I don't have this problem and I just don't know what to think about it. I feel better today than I thought I could ever feel or even notice and even though I don't know what happened or what shifted I would be so happy to give you any reference if anyone ever needs one.


I came to Pam to work on a few major belief systems that I saw were running my life and negatively affecting me. After working with Pam, I saw these beliefs dissolve to such a profound extent that when I look back on the problem now it seems that things never really were the way I saw them. Pam thank you for changing my life. Lots of love


Pam, All the anger about my job just left. I noticed in the days since not only do I view my job and the people differently, but they are also talking and treating me differently. Thank you so very much for this transformation.

Beverly R.

Pam is an amazing teacher and mentor.  She has taught me Theta Healing, Access Consciousness, EFT, and even Reiki. In my time of knowing Pam, and the work we have put into ‘ME,’ has been the best and greatest decisions I have made for my life. Not only that, as personalities, we are constantly moving forward, changing, learning, making mistakes etc. With Pam, this matters not, because she is right there with us evolving and growing, and this is what makes her a wonderful teacher and mentor!

Chase Dueitt

Pam is easy to talk to. She gave a lot of valuable insight that led to positive changes. Thanks Pam.

Lanette Cassidy


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