Become a Thetahealing® Practitioner

In a theta healing class your will: 

  • Learn the Thetahealing® Meditation Technique

  • Discover the Seven Planes of Existence

  • Learn how to Find, Clear and Replace Limiting Subconscious Beliefs

  • Learn how to do Muscle Testing,  Intuitive Scans and Remote Viewing

  • Learn how to do Intuitive Readings and Angel Readings

  • Learn how to Manifest and Create Your Divine Life

  • Discover the best ways to find and be with your Soul Mate

  • Gain Skills and Tools to Start or Add to your Spiritual Practice

  • Heal Your Mind, Body and Spirit

When you have a thetahealing session it will be guided by the your goals/intent. Pam jumps right in and starts scanning you and your energetic body looking for the reason for your pain and hardships and with your permission and guidance she will help shift and transform your topic with ease and grace. Your session may include downloads, healings by the Creator and muscle testing for belief work. Make sure to be hydrated with H2O to assist your muscle testing. 

You will also develop:

  • Confidence in your gifts from God

  • Courage to move into your Divine Timing

  • Release Fears and Phobias

  • Stop Self-Sabotaging Patterns 

  • Heal Anger, Resentments and Regrets

  • Receive New Feelings, Hope and Possibilities

  • Heal your emotions, heal your body and heal your life.

When Pam discovered thetahealing at a group event, her soul smiled for the first time! She knew this was what she had been looking for all of her life so she found a practitioner/instructor and scheduled a session. In that session her bipolar was healed and her life changed forever! 

Through this program she has healed many of her unresolved, unloved childhood trauma and emotional wounds of growing up in a alcoholic family and her anger and resentments from those deep wounds of rejection, abandonment and betrayal by her family.

She has healed her chronic kidney stone disease, several breast cyst and her self-sabotaging beliefs around money and worthiness. She has learned about forgiveness and how to achieve it and so much more. 

Pam now has this amazing connection to God, the Divine, Creator, Source and she learned to easily and effortlessly create her Divine Life and so can you!